Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fieldnote: Y-Gardens Anniversary


Today was culmination of a year+ work on the new garden site. After receipt of a DCYF grant for sustainable garden development[see attached] there were some funds to amplify recent in-kind donations [straw, plants, soil].  So for the past week we've worked intensively on a few specific projects.
  • A pond in the SE corner at the end of the Biome Wall
  • reorganization of other spaces so there is vegetable gardening for culinary program, cultivation, reflection and demonstration areas
  • handwashing station with reclamation

Next steps include finding effective paths for representing the work online for asynchronous participation and enhanced social learning.

A place to expose questions like -

" Describe these garden systems.
  • water
  • human & other animals
  • soil
  • climate
Illustrate the ways they interact with each other with diagrams.
Point to examples of each system in our garden."

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