Thursday, October 14, 2010

Template for Project Definition

This template is comprised of six parts inspired by Buczynski & Fontichiaro's model of inquiry-based learning described in Story Starters & Science Notebooking, 2009.

  1. Context, frame
  2. Who; for whom, with whom
  3. What; objective, solution set sought, elements produced
  4. With what; tools, materials, activities
  5. So what; why it matters
  6. Now what; conclusions, next steps
The goal of this framework is to increase connective tissue between people and knowledge-building projects without oversimplifying (respect for roughness which can be source of useful insight later).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Performance Verbs -Bloom's Taxonomy,Piskurich

This matrix can be used to construct inquiry-based learning experiences.

See examples of its application in Projects>ThunderPuppets Players or  Y-Gardens.

ref: G. Piskurich, Rapid Training Development, p 133