Thursday, September 12, 2013

Environmental Literacy Bibliography

Environmental Literacy Bibliography Across the dimensions of sense of place, time, community and personal identity, culture and agriculture a way of reading the environment develops which influences the ways we think and respond and then write upon it or through it. What traces do we leave? What strategies for survival? What do we choose to survive and how as a community do we equably decide?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Working through adaptations of Service Architecture [Resmini&Rosati,2012] for Learning Experience Design [wikipedia] these milestones appear:
  • validity of evaluation is relative to degree of its integration within the learning experience [what tools can we use for this?]
  • constructive learning is promoted through learners' view of evaluation "where do I stand wrt my goals and the learning objectives of community, organization (as its defines discipline, skill set or knowledge base).
  • a responsive or "smart" environment allows self-assessment, balances challenges to skill [ ] and affords customization of the "way in" [Gardner,2011] to a discipline, skill set or knowledge base.